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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, 6.7 fl. oz.

Deep Cleansing Oil

What is it:

An olive oil based facial cleanser that dissolves makeup thoroughly with zero residue. Its nutritive formula, rich in vitamins, effortlessly breaks down stubborn, waterproof mascara and eyeliner and emulsifies into a cleansing milk when you rinse. Gentle enough for all skin types, with just eight simple ingredients. Great for removing excess oil, sunscreen, and impurities, it’s a daily must-have even if you don’t wear makeup. Your skin will feel soothed, refreshed, and balanced. One try is all you need to see why millions of women swear by it.

One Oil Cleanser for All

Deep Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types, oily, dry, combination skin, it doesn’t matter. It will hydrate dry skin and balance oily skin.



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